"Medallionaire App" - Make $35,000 Every Week With This Secret "Medallionaire App" From Home Now!
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The Medallionaire App is not a scam and we encourage you to read this review before you join! Not many services in this industry make it on our list of recommended services, so what makes http://www.medallionapp.us stand out? The problem with the majority of the auto-traders we review is that, in many cases, they are based on a false narrative and lies that can be easily disproved and the fail to deliver a winning performance. On first look we suspected that Medallionaire App by James Simons might be another fake offer but after looking into all the details and testing the software, we are 100% confident that it's not only legit but it's as far from a scam of any kind.

Who is James Simons? Founder of Renaissance Tech Corp. since 1988, this company knew success from day one with $950 billion yearly revenue for the last 9 years, sharing the revenue with its members around the globe. This is all proven and documented very well in the news and now on many online trading forums.

"The Medallionaire App uses existing infrastructure with quantitative algorithms their team developed altogether with extremely fast computers to buy and sell assets focused chiefly on commodities and futures trading in the financial markets." After researching into this company and confirming the connection between Renaissance Tech Corp and their recent venture, the Medallionaire App Fund, we decided to look into the size of the company and found that it's not only one of the wealthiest investment funds in the world, but it's also a company with over 200 core employees and dedicated support center for each project.

Our team decided to test the ITM results of Medallionaire App and in a period of 4 business days, we averaged 86.9% ITM and a total of 82 trading signals! For those who are familiar with statistics and payouts, this is beyond impressive. At BinaryoptionsWatchdog.com we don't test many services, and most websites we review end up on our list of scam brokers/services quickly, many times thanks to user feedback. We have confidence in the Medallionaire App and encourage traders who are interested to join a reliable binary options service, backed by real people and a proven track-record, to join and test it yourself.

Numbers speak louder than words and we don't like empty promises, therefore we plan to continue and track the Medallionaire App's trading performance on a daily basis, which includes also the responsiveness of their support, performance change and consider other factors to determine if this Fully Automated App continues to DELIVER! The stakes are high and we know that many day-traders are wondering if this is a reliable way to trade. We found that it is, but do consider that accurate testing should be conducted over a period of at least 2 weeks.

Medallionaire App & Fund in the News - www.Medallionapp.us

We will post a follow-up review on the Medallionaire App and we also encourage those who are already members to share your experiences with the community. Day-traders around the world are sick and tired or scam FX and Binary services and are looking for the real deal. We certainly hope that Renaissance Tech Corp will not disappoint the 1000's of traders who are now taking part of this new venture.

Verdict: Medallionaire App is a Legitimate Software!

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